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The Witherspoon Institute (WIN) is dedicated to the development of personal and collective success!  To reach achievements you must first create then reinforce a mindset of not can do but  "will do" spirit. WIN accomplishes this major goal through curriculums of leadership, etiquette and ballroom dance with developmentally appropriate interpersonal business and social skills that are necessary to succeed in multi-level environments.



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Friday, September 14,  2012
Audition Time:  6:30pm

Boys and Girls Club of Boston
512 Warren Street, Boston, MA

Call 617-535-9704  to schedule appointment

Dance Team begins  Thursday, Oct 4, 2012

The Children's Quilt    

With the assistance of  Simon Mall Properties, Senator John Kerry, and The Permanent Mission of Haiti at the United Nations under the direction of  Ambassador Leo Mereros, the quilt expanded from a Massachusetts state project in 2010 to the international  launch of the American Alabaster Quilt for Haiti in 2011. 

The "Raise Your Hand for Haiti" project will reside under the expanded Children's Quilt in 2012 to focus on raising awareness for children of disasters around the globe including America's Katrina and Japan's tsunami.  Events under Raise Your Hand for Haiti will continue with projects such as the December Caribbean Cruise to Haiti.

The Children's Quilt is part of the Witherspoon Institute's community world leadership project under the (SLIP) Strategic Leadership Investment Plan.  SLIP teaches youth a life-long lesson of giving focused on collective efforts that impact local and world community.   For details, please take a moment to view the  U.N. Haiti Summit Newsletter below:

2012/ 13 Season Highlights: 

  * Ballroom Dance Team - Launch 2012
  * World Leadership Cruise Conference 2013

The BEL program - Leadership, Etiquette and Ballroom Dance is offered to children 7-18 years old. 

The World Leadership Cruise Conference (Feb 16-23-13) features youth and adult business conference that are presented seperately yet concurently.  Multi-level accomodations with guest speakers, events and showcase for guests.  For more details, please see cruise outline listed in the directory (far left) under WIN Leadership Cruise.

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     The Witherspoon Institute "WIN you think success"
WIN is traveling across the world to gather hand written cloth notes  to send well wishes and prayers to children and communities in trauma from disasters.   The notes, written by people from every corner of the world, are added to the quilt by hundreds of quilting guilds around the world.   Each 12 inch square represents a $10 donation.  Monies raised from this effort assist children relief agencies to provide supplies and longer term educational needs for disaster torn nations.

Please join our international quilting bee today!  Log on to our Witherspoon web store and order a square today. 

Please                    with comments or questions related to the Witherspoon Institute classes and programs.   We like to stay in touch with our friends.  Please follow us on facebook.

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100 year old
Anna Dickerson
joins the Quilting Bee
1.  International Youth Summit
2.  World Business Conference to Haiti, St. Maarten, St. Kitts, Puerto Rico



Dear Witherspoon Family and Friends,

Thanks for the continued support of our leadership programs.  As we travel the globe to help those in need please know we hold you and your family in the highest esteem.  You are always in our thoughts and prayers.  December 3-8, 2012, please join our  World Leadership Cruise to the Caribbean.  Proceeds benefit the "Raise Your Hand for Haiti" children s education initiative.  We need your help so please make arrangements to be there!  A 9 month business/vacation plan is ready to help you prepare for the voyage.  Whever you go, what ever you do, may you enjoy health and happiness in 2012. 

Happy, Happy New Years! 

Yours truly,

Ms. Witherspoon
   2012 - 2013  WIN Sessions        -     World Leadership Cruise
Session 1:    Oct 4 - Dec 9

Session 2:  Jan 12 - March 31

Leadership Cruise:   Feb 16-23 2013
Royal Caribbean Cruise - Featuring
Senator John Kerry Endorses
The Children's Quilt
United Nations Ambassador
Leo Mereros , Permanent Mission
Hosts Witherspoon Institute at U.N.